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This incredibly affordable package now makes it possible for EVERY haunted house to have the same pro kit used at our premier locations. We provide everything in one simple to install box. Camera, computer, touch screens, software, stands, green screens and more… We even provide custom designed artwork every season for the duration of the agreement. We also support you every step of the way with our 24/7 tech support.

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Turnkey System – All Equipment Provided.

• Camera
• Stand
• Customer Touchscreen
• Operator Touchscreen
• Software
• Green Screen & Stand
• Storage Case

If you need it it’s in the box…

Increased Revenue.

Photo Sales

Selling photos for $10 quickly and simply will start money flowing in and increase your average revenue per customer.

On average we sell to 7% of audience making this a very lucrative system at a very low cost.

If you aren’t selling photos at your haunt you’re missing a fantastic opportunity.

More Ticket Sales

When your visitors start sharing their photos on social media awareness increases.

Friends and family will also want to experience your haunt.

Even if the social media benefit only increases ticket sales by 2% you’ll start increasing revenue by thousands of dollars.

How Much Revenue Will You Make?

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Custom Artwork Designed Every Season.

We work with you leading up to the start of the Halloween season to design your photo template. Using your logo we completely brand the photo for your location. After revisions and approval we install your new template ready for you to start selling awesome photos.

24/7 Tech Support

If you experience any issues or need any help we are always available to provide professional assistance.

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