We provide everything you need to start selling amazing photos at your haunted house!

At no upfront cost to you

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We completely design and install the photo opportunity. Everything from artwork, equipment & staff.

No start up costs.

Making you money instead of costing you money.

We get it…

You have a 1000 things to do before your haunted house opens so we make it easy.

1. We assess your location

2. We design and install the best possible photo solution

3. Our staff work the system each night

4. We pay you a vendor fee at the end of your event

It’s no risk, no trouble, no cost!

You get lots of free social media promotion every time a guest shares their cool photo.

When their family and friends see their post they will want to visit too.

Increasing revenue from ticket sales, and we pay you to be there!

Here are a few of our clients…

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